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Words of Praise

"I loved every delicious and sometimes painful minute of our time together.  I felt very cared for and my body felt safe and understood in your hands."
Desiree Rumbaugh
 "I’ve received the most restorative and healing work from Crozier. When I visit her each time, I am moved by her kindness and true sincerity regarding my well-being. She is incredibly intentional and also very knowledgeable. Crozier is invested in helping work through reoccurring pain patterns that are difficult to manage and follows up after each massage. She is a true care provider and her massages are heaven."
Mary K 

"Kris is a master of her craft.  I have suffered from neck pain for years.  She is the only massage therapist who was able to bring it under control to a point where our sessions are no longer just about my neck, but also about giving me a peaceful moment that is just about me.  I often say that Kris was put on this earth to do what she does.  She is that talented."
Greg Rogers
“Crozier is by far the very best massage therapist I’ve ever experienced, hands down. She is attentive in listening to my needs while also being excellent in her practice. She continually grows and learns to provide the very best experience for her clients, and I know whenever I book with her I’m going to leave feeling better. I highly recommend her!”
Jamie Downer
"Crozier is the most incredible therapist my husband and I have ever had. She is experienced and concerned about your satisfaction in working with your body. We have never felt better and would recommend her with no hesitation. She's a doll!"  
Derilynn Proffitt-Ryan
"Receiving Thai Massage from Your Journey bodywork has been instrumental in healing back pain that I have had for over six years. Crozier is a very kind and thorough therapist, spending time with me before each session to check in on my expectations for the massage and finding out where I am in that moment so that she can incorporate that into the massage. Thai massage is the most therapeutic type of massage that I have ever received because Crozier works me more deeply in areas that other therapists have not been able to access. It is also very holistic, starting from the feet up to address the whole system, rather than just focusing on my area of pain.  I would highly recommend Thai Massage to anyone seeking a therapeutic and healing massage, especially for chronic pain issues."  
Monique DiGiorgio
Bozeman, Montana
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