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If you have made it here, you are one step closer to finding YOUR JOURNEY to peace and health... through bodywork in Bozeman, Montana.  Every(body) has some relationship with pain, injury, patterns, diet(s) and for us ladies, our cycles. And, everyone of us is invited to go on a journey to explore these ailments, messages and/or bread crumbs.  I specialize in Thai Massage, dated back 2500 years ago. If you are seeking movement and increased flexibility, then Thai Massage is for you.  Using an holistic approach, I also offer a Therapeutic Massage (table).  Whether your intention is to relax or receive a deep and specific massage, I will use the appropriate tools to find a path to meet your individual needs.  Both styles offer a sense of freedom of letting go and feeling great!

Breathe!   What does that word mean to you?  For me, Breath has made a profound impact on my life personally and professionally. We tend to not breathe or take really shallow breaths. My mission is to to create a comfortable, safe space for anyone seeking a guided and supported journey through bodywork and breath.

In Peace and Health,

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Bozeman, Montana

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